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Kartli – Land of the first Europeans

This historical region is separated into two parts, lower and upper (inner) Kartli. Here in the city of the medieval era – “Dmanisi”, at the begging of the XXI century archeologists found various bones dating back to 1,8 million years! They were buried in the volcanic ash coming from a now dormant volcano. The “Homo-Georgicus” were then perceived as being the first humans in all of Europe and Asia. This discovery along with other archeological treasures like mass burial sites and ancient pieces of jewelry and weapons showed us that humans nurtured the rich and beautiful lands of the Caucasus region millions of years ago.

The Kingdom of Iberia

Gradually this area became The Kartli Kingdom also known as “Iberia”, which was the biggest historical region of Georgia. After the Death of Giorgi V the great in 1484, Kartli became a separate kingdom later known as The Kartl-Kakheti Kingdom and the main power in the Caucasus region. This was the case until the betrayal and the following annexation by the Russian Empire in 1801. This was the first major Russian betrayal of Georgia and tensions between our countries started here and continue to this day.

Today lower Kartli plays a major transportation role for the country. By bordering both Azerbaijan and Armenia the highest flow of visitors from these countries come from here, Manly from the “Red Bridge” in the southeast. Upper Kartli serves as the connection between East and West Georgia. The temperature here is dry and has a pleasant yearly average of 14 C. Main populated areas are: Rustavi, Gori, Khashuri, Bolnisi, and Dmanisi

Fascinating Destinations

 Dmanisi – once the greatest cities of Georgia, with rich trading caravans coming from the south constantly, thousands of residents, and a well-guarded citadel. Unfortunately, now most of it is lost in the sands of history. Upon its rediscovery, Dmanisi shocked all the historians and archeologists in the world. House of “Homo-Georgicus” and the cradle of Georgian economy in the middle ages, now it’s preserved as a large historical museum with displays of prehistoric weapons and crafts, artifacts of medieval life, and the walls older than the time itself, all buried in the ash for centuries.

City of Gori – The city of The Man of Steel, The socialist menace, and one of the most powerful people of the XX century, Joseph Stalin. The leader of the USSR was born and raised here. his house-museum is one of the most popular destinations of Georgia and has thousands of visitors from all over the world. Who knew that one man born in this small city, with no divine right to rule or no power at the begging of his political career, would work himself up to be the stone-cold dictator of the Biggest socialist state in the history of the world.

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