Tbilisi Nightlife – Clubs, Bars, and Legalize.

By Published On: 23 April، 2021

The Nightlife Tbilisi is famous across all of Europe with […]

The Nightlife

Tbilisi is famous across all of Europe with its vivid and immersing nightlife scene. Our city offers much more than you can imagine! Even though you might think that it’s impossible to get any better after enjoying your exciting, sunny day trip with beautiful gardens and destinations, this city will be happy to prove you wrong! Legalization of cannabis, Georgian nightclubs, various bars, music, and most importantly – freedom!

Tbilisi only gets better with the coming of the night. Here the streets take on a new life and give the city a whole new atmosphere. At the night, you start experiencing the architecture and glooming street lights differently, the ambiance of the quiet, cozy romantic little streets starts getting varied with occasional laughs and cheerful conversations coming from the many bars you’ll encounter on your path. 

Georgian and Internationally themed Bars in Tbilisi

Experience places like Marjanishvili, Rustaveli Saburtalo, and Shardeni, each one of them in their distinct night lights theme. The first thing you’ll feel is how exciting the surroundings become; how much more cheerful the people are and you just can’t help yourself becoming part of this magic.

We are all aware that bars and clubs are an integral part of your nights’ experience. Welcome yourself to a place like “Fabrika”, where every wall has a story to tell, so why not take your time diving into them accompanied by booze, music, and cool people. Tbilisi has something in store for every visitor. One of the best places to visit is the Agmashenebeli str, where you can suit yourself with the shisha of your favorite flavor with chill vibes. This place is notorious for foreign visitors and you can see people from different corners of the world here. 

The Music

How can you imagine nightlife without good music? In Tbilisi, the music never stops. Here you’ll find countless events surely suiting the taste of any music lover around the globe. would you like something upbeat like Techno, Electronica, Breakbeat or maybe even Trance played by extremely talented DJs? or slower style while sharing your experiences and stories with welcoming strangers under soothing Chillout or even Nu Jazz?  

Georgians value music a lot and you can also enjoy, in sometimes unexpected places, small jam sessions by street musicians. One thing is for sure, the music that will make your soul happy and the night memorable awaits you in one of the corners of our magical city, all you have to do is just go exploring.

Clubs of Tbilisi

What to go all in and turn your night into something special? Don’t miss the chance to visit one of the most famous clubs in the whole of Europe – Bassiani, located underneath a massive Dinamo Stadium, it can accommodate 1,200 people at the same time. Here you can hear the best DJs in the world visiting Bassiani weekly. 

There are more underground-type clubs that you can’t miss out on if you’re a techno lover, clubs like Khidi, Horoom, and Mtkvarze will give you an unforgettable experience (if you don’t start enjoying your local chacha too much of course). Notably, there’re many national-themed clubs here for your enjoyment. The night is mysterious, exhilarating, and alive, so go ahead and become a part of the alluring nights of beautiful Tbilisi!


On July 30, 2018, The Constitutional Court of Georgia legalized the possession and consumption of cannabis. To say that this was a complicated process is a massive understatement. Georgias’s strict anti-drug policy established in 2006 was penalizing the drug offenders harshly. Based on the amount at hand, the person could be penalized with a double-digit term in jail and a massive fine. From 2013, the various advocacy groups started crying out for decriminalization. It took the opposed government five years to finally make a step towards freedom and liberty. Cannabis in Georgia is decriminalized and Legalized!

The Current Situation

Tbilisi Nightlife took the biggest hit due to the pandemic. All Georgian nightclubs are closed indefinitely; bars and restaurants are open on the weekdays, and the 5 a.m.-11 p.m. curfew is still in force. For more information regarding the restrictions please visit this article.

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