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Study American Medicine Program at Tbilisi State Medical University

Program name: American MD Program

University name: Tbilisi State Medical University

Faculty: Medicine

Director of US MD Program: Eka Ekaladze – PH.D, Associate Professor


University address: 33 Vaja-Pshavela ave. Tbilisi 0186, Georgia   

Representative email:

American Medicine Program Overview

Tbilisi State Medical University and Emory University started collaboration in the early 1990s of the XXth century. Professor Kenneth Walker of Emory School of Medicine initiated this Alliance over 25 years ago. Dr. Walker was one of the first American partners of the Tbilisi State Medical University. Numerous successful healthcare reforms and developments (development of first pediatric and adult emergency medicine in the post soviet world, continuous nursing education programs, the establishment of “Kobaladze Center for Research and Experiential Learning” etc) are directly linked to Dr. Walker’s work in Georgia. Among Dr. Walker’s most significant accomplishments in Georgia is the development of the American MD Program at Tbilisi State Medical University. The program is a highly demanded medical curriculum in the region, with gaining global popularity.

Although the American MD program opened doors to its first class in 2013, several years of successful intensive collaboration between two universities and countries was a strong foundation on which it was built. American MD Program is lead by Vice-Rector of the Tbilisi State Medical University, Professor Rima Beriashvili, and Director of Educational Programs at Emory School of Medicine, Dr. Archil Undilashvili. Assistant Dean for Education, Professor Gordon Churchward, and Professor of Oncology, Dr. Mary Jo Lechovicz of the Emory School of Medicine,  are leading constant development and quality assurance efforts of the program. Continuous meetings and workshops at TSMU and Emory, involving academic and administrative personnel of two universities guarantee the success of the program.

31 students joined the first class of the American MD Program in 2013. Since then, demand for the program has been significantly increasing, and nowadays 236 students from Georgia(95), the USA, Canada, Israel, Portugal, Turkey, Sri Lanka, Lituania, India, Bangladesh, and UAE study in the program.

One of the most significant highlights of the American MD Program is active and constantly strengthening collaboration with US partners, led by Emory University. Emory University and TSMU share experience and promote innovations in the program through the regular exchange of academic and administrative personnel. Over 100 visits took place in Tbilisi and Atlanta Since the start of the American MD Program. Emory University supports American MD Program at Tbilisi State Medical University not only within the framework of the curriculum but offers exclusive extracurricular activities such as experiential programs, “Summer and Winter at Emory”.

Program Aim

The aim of the American (US) MD program is to train internationally competitive and competent, highly qualified physicians (Doctors) who are ready for postgraduate education and specific training courses, both in Georgia and abroad (including in the U.S.). The medical staff is trained according to the Global Standards for Quality Health Care Services and Emory University requirements.

Program Objectives

  • Provide a modern medical education that is relevant to the world-recognized standards, scientific and technological advancement;
  • Support future doctors develop life-long learning (LLL) skills and self-motivation;
  • Train highly competent medical staff by using the latest high-tech medical, informational, and educational resources;
  • Ensuring compliance of medical education with constantly developing requirements of national and international healthcare systems.


Tbilisi State Medical University has always been a pioneer of innovative and successful projects. One of those, the American MD program, established in collaboration with Emory University School of Medicine was launched in the 2013-2014 academic year under the department of medicine at Tbilisi State Medical University (TSMU).

American MD program uses a fully integrated, systems-based approach that allows learning clinical skills from the onset of training as well as effective integration of fundamental and clinical subjects over the course of six years. The program, with the help of motivated and competent academic faculty, guides students in professional development, helps them with their career choices, and provides them with an open academic and administrative environment that is conducive to learning.

Our curriculum is based on TSMU’s vast traditional experience and enhanced by innovative best practices and processes to support the educational missions of both the American MD Program and TSMU. High-quality student education is our most important aim, thus we pay great attention to students’ academic progress while strongly supporting their extra-curricular activities and personal growth.

American MD program is currently in its fifth year and we have taken great strides towards its success. We are proud of our students who have a noble goal of becoming physicians and who approach that goal with great dedication, responsibility and respect. 

MedicineMedical Doctor (MD)360 ECTS6 years, 12 semestersEnglish$ 13 500 USD

Additional Resources

Register Now!!! and Begin Your Journey Towards Becoming a Certified Medical Doctor!

Representative email:

The documents required to obtain admission:

  • Copy of the passport;
  • School certificate (Equivalent to A level for Undergraduate Applicants / BA degree Diploma (for MA degree applicants) along with transcript;
  • Application fee payment receipt.
  • Video Interview (Ask us for details of this interview)
  • The student’s E-mail address and contact details

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