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Study Business Administration at Georgian National University

Program name: Business Administration

University name: Georgian National University

Faculty: Business Administration

Program supervisor: Rusudan Beriashvili – Associate Professor


University address: 9 Tsinandali Str. Tbilisi, Georgia   

Representative email:

Business Administration Program Overview

Business Administration educational program actuality is due to the positive effect of the increasing amount of products and services on the country’s gross domestic product (GDP). This issue is especially important for the Georgian economy, that is why new and innovative business ideas are encouraged in the business environment. In addition, they are also effectively funded by the state through various programs. There is also a growing demand for specialists who have the skills to analyze business, forecast situations, and market research.

The program mission is to:

Create an entrepreneur who possesses all the skills needed to realize a business idea in a real environment. Also, educate graduates will be able to contribute to the development of an existing business in the market and make a successful business decision based on evidence. Practice-oriented courses and projects give the student the possibility to develop interpersonal communications, professional discussion, project management, and time management skills, and be involved in analyzing real business processes, which are the necessary prerequisite for the development of well-educated and socially responsible professionals of the respective field.

Program Goals

Objectives of the Bachelor educational program provide achievement of the learning outcomes in accordance with the new qualification framework, which is equivalent to the level of competence of the first step of Higher Education (level six). program learning outcomes consider not only collection of basic theoretical knowledge, but an elaboration of practical skills or/and autonomy and responsibility. Graduates of the program are provided with competitiveness to continue learning on the next step of higher educational level and skills for labor markets. After completion of the educational program, the future perspective of the graduates considers: continuation of studies in MA/MBA programs and/or start their own business.

Program goals are:

I. BA program aims to equip students with a broad range of theoretical knowledge and practical skills of analyzing processes in various business and economic environments. The program aims to study students’ basic as well as functional aspects of Business Administration, such as Finances, Marketing, Management, Financial Accounting, and Auditing.

II. BA program enables students to develop skills necessary for any managerial level and prepare them to effectively fulfill appropriate functions in Management, Economics, Finances, Marketing, and Accounting at local and international companies.

III. BA program enables students to acquire practical skills necessary for entrepreneurship

IV. BA program strives to educate creative-minded professionals who will be competing in local and international labor markets with a healthy ambition to be a leader and have a constant need for development.

Program Learning Outcomes

I. Students understand and analyze the role of all the core areas of business administration, such as mathematics, statistics, management accounting and financial accounting, economics, finance, information technology, management, and marketing.

II. Students analyze theories and practices of business ethics and social responsibility.

III. Students use mathematical and statistical tools to discover, analyze and solve business problems.

IV. Students understand globalization and appreciate cultural diversity.

V. Students conduct marketing research and design appropriate and effective marketing mix and strategies.

VI. Students analyze the challenges of starting their own business; They distinguish between types of business strategies and discuss their planning, implementation and evaluation processes.

VII. Students identify accounting concepts that enable them to interpret financial data and use it to make informed decisions about the operating performance and financial position of a company.

VIII. Students develop, organize, and participate actively in interdisciplinary cooperation and lead work groups.

IX. Students establish business plan and prove its feasibility.

X. Students produce clearly written analysis and deliver well-organized, reasoned, and persuasive oral and written presentations in the English language.

Business AdministrationBachelor of Business Administration (BBA)240 ECTS4 years, 8 semestersEnglish$3 500 USD

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Representative email:

The documents required to obtain admission:

  • Copy of the passport;
  • School certificate (Equivalent to A level for Undergraduate Applicants / BA degree Diploma (for MA degree applicants) along with transcript;
  • Application fee payment receipt.
  • Video Interview (Ask us for details of this interview)
  • The student’s E-mail address and contact details

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