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Study Master’s in Business Administration at University of Georgia

University logo:

Program name: Master’s in Business Administration

University name: University of Georgia

Faculty: School of Business and Administrative Studies

Program supervisor: Eka Gegeshidze – Associate Professor


University address: 77a, M. Kostava Str. Tbilisi 0171, Georgia   

Representative email:

University of Georgia

Business Administration Program Overview

The main goal of the English Master Business Administration program is to provide competitive and highly-qualified professionals equipped with modern multidisciplinary theoretical knowledge and creative and practical skills, which will comprehend the importance of conducting business in accordance with ethical norms and social responsibility of strategic planning and business activity, for contributing to the development of the field. The main goal of the educational program is to prepare Business professionals who will be able to conduct research independently, think creatively, and have a deep and systematic knowledge of administration principles and theories and practical skills of implementing activities in various functional areas of management. Upon the completion of the program, the graduates will be able to get employed in senior management positions in different functional departments and other private and public sector organizations. They will also be able to set up companies of their own and manage them efficiently.

Methods for Attaining Learning Outcomes:

  • Lecture-seminars
  • Explanatory method
  • Demonstration method
  • Interactive lectures
  • News analysis
  • Teamwork
  • Critical analysis
  • Problem-solving exercises
  • Case study
  • Literature analysis
  • Workbook methods
  • Relevant material search out from various electronic and paper-based resources
  • Written work methods
  • Verbal/oral method
  • Discussion

Program Details:

In order to earn a Master’s degree in Business Administration, the student is required to collect 120 ECTS, which includes: the program core courses – 72 ECTS in total and 48 ECTS from the rest of the Master’s Program.

Business AdministrationMaster of Business Administration120 ECTS2 years, 4 semestersEnglish$4 000 USD

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Representative email:

The documents required to obtain admission:

  • Copy of the passport;
  • School certificate (Equivalent to A level for Undergraduate Applicants / BA degree Diploma (for MA degree applicants) along with transcript;
  • Application fee payment receipt.
  • Video Interview (Ask us for details of this interview)
  • The student’s E-mail address and contact details

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