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Study Medicine at Tbilisi State Medical University

Program name: MEDICINE

University name: Tbilisi State Medical University

Faculty: Medicine

University address: 33 Vaja-Pshavela ave. Tbilisi 0186, Georgia   

Representative email:

Medicine Program Overview

MD program aims to bring up competitive qualified physicians with proper competencies, who are ready for further postgraduate education and special training. The program also aims to prepare medical staff according to demands from National Health Care System.
The program should provide:

  • Medical education corresponding to progressive and current knowledge and technologies;
  • Ability and motivation for the future physicians during the whole life;
  • Preparation of medical staff using modern information and teaching technologies;
  • Matching of medical education to the demands and abilities of the National Healthcare System.

Graduate from the English medium MD program at TSMU:

  • Has knowledge in basic, clinical, behavioral, and social sciences which are essential for medical practice;
  • Has general clinical skills;
  • Can evaluate and use properly obtained medical information for solving different clinical problems;
  • Is able to assess the health condition of each member of society and improve national health service on the basis of knowledge obtained in clinical, biomedical, and behavioral sciences
  • Can critically evaluate scientific and clinical news and utilize them to improve the clinical practice;
  • Understands essentiality of continuous medical education and professional development

Learning and Teaching Methods and Evaluation System

Essential terms for teaching at the faculty of medicine are the integration of theoretical and practical teaching; development of clinical skills in virtual simulation centers and clinical environments. New technologies must have an advantage during the teaching. Teaching is student-oriented which means students’ active participation in the study process and involves case teaching, discussions, empiric teaching, seminars, and projects.

Teaching forms used in study process:

● Interactive lectures, seminars, colloquiums
● Studying in the clinical environment
● Simulators and moulages
● Performing a role of patient or physician
● Laboratory teaching
● Presentations
● Participation in scientific research
● Practice

Employment Opportunities of Persons Graduated from One step Educational Program for MD (English medium)

Graduate from the program certified as a Medical Doctor is able to have a medical practice according to the regulations of the particular country.
Research and academic practice in the theoretical or other fields of health care not related to independent medical practice;
The person certified as a Medical Doctor is able to take the course of the Doctoral Level or take the post-graduate professional training course.

MedicineMedical Doctor (MD)360 ECTS6 years, 12 semestersEnglish$ 8 000 USD

Additional Resources

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Representative email:

The documents required to obtain admission:

  • Copy of the passport;
  • School certificate (Equivalent to A level for Undergraduate Applicants / BA degree Diploma (for MA degree applicants) along with transcript;
  • Application fee payment receipt.
  • Video Interview (Ask us for details of this interview)
  • The student’s E-mail address and contact details

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