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Borjomi – Natural Treasure

For the true nature lovers out there, you just simply can’t miss the opportunity to witness this heaven on earth. This magical little town with the vast and immersing forest surrounding it is blessed with a natural volcanic mineral water supply, which is coming from the dept of earth’s crust. There are signs that this area was populated in the I century. Some archeological discoveries also make it possible that even back then, people were using this delightful water supply. Centuries later, due to the Persian raids, the city of Borjomi was destroyed and Its resources are forgotten. 

Only in XIX new water supply was found and the city was rebuilt. Gradually Borjomi starting expanding and Borjomi National Park started attracting naturalists from all over the world. People are coming here to enjoy pleasant fresh air, beautiful forests and hills, chill time by the riverside, and health-improving volcanic waters. All of this is relaxing and comfortable 15 – 22°C in the summer and wonderful and snowy winters. 

The atmosphere of this snowy wonderland becomes absolutely mind-blowing, with white castles surrounded by silvery nature. The feeling of stepping inside a fantasy novel will inevitably occur to you, no matter what time of year you come here! 

Rabati Castle

Rabati Castle
Fortress of Rabati

Just one hour away from Borjomi, you have to check out – Rabati one of the biggest castles in Georgia. It was created in the IX century. Rabati was able to stand undefeated even during Tamerlane’s Turko-Mongol invasions but later was occupied by The Ottoman Empire till 1829. In 1752 The first mosque was built in Rabati. The fortress was hugely damaged after countless attacks, so in 2011-2012 Georgian government spent 26 Million Lari for the restoration of its beauty and cultural significance. 

As part of the project: the Akhmediye Mosque, the mosque minaret, the madrasah, the Jakeli castle, baths, the citadel, the walls of the fortress, and the Orthodox Church were updated on the territory of the fortress. The tunnel leading to the Potskhovi River was also restored. As part of the project, two main streets of the fortress were repaired, a pavement was equipped, and the facades and roofs of buildings were restored. You have to check it out and get amazed with the experience of a castle citizen’s life. 

Let your imagination take you to the middle ages and look through the eyes of a resident walking through the beautiful gardens and distinct and detailed buildings in the complex. Imagine yourself being a warrior, patrolling the high walls of the castle and guarding the sheik’s or Amira’s life, or maybe while visiting Amira’s throne room and his private baths you’ll find yourself imagining the life of the leader of this lands and owner of this beauty, it’s all up to you…  

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