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Study Medicine at Caucasus University

University logo:

Program name: MEDICINE

University name: Caucasus University

Faculty: Medicine


University address:  1 Paata Saakadze Str. Tbilisi 0102, Georgia

Representative email:

Medicine Program Overview

The aim of the Medicine Program: is to prepare  Medical Doctors who are competitive on the local and international market, highly qualified, morally grounded, with appropriate competencies, who will be able to satisfy the educational requirements of an open society, which facilitates implementation of the CU”s general mission: to graduate competitive, highly qualified, morally grounded graduates who are faithful to democratic values and principles of democracy.

Educational programme is focused on the standards of Medical Education of the World Federation (WFME).

The program provides development of such practical/clinical abilities and way of thinking which is essential for a successful professional activity and post-diploma lifelong education.

Objectives of the programme are as follows:

  • To give international standard education of evidence-based medicine which is indispensable for practical medical work;
  • To provide the graduates with an education in basic, clinical, behavioral, and social sciences necessary for practical activities in the field of medicine.
  • To generate motivation for continuous medical education  (LLL) and professional development.
  • To gain the knowledge of legislative basics of the health care system;
  • To acquire clinical and communication (with the patient, her\his family, colleagues, and other representatives of the health care) skills and patient-centered competencies.

To acquire values of Medical Ethics (sense of respect of patients, taking into consideration their interests despite their social, cultural, religious, and ethnic background; work in accordance with the professional ethics).

Program Structure

One-cycle educational program “Medical Doctor” is learner-centered, designed in the ECTS credit system, and based on a student workload necessary for the achievement of the program learning outcomes.

The Medicine Program comprises 360 ECTS. 60 ECTS per year; 30 ECTS per semester. Accordingly, the duration of the program is 6 years/12 semesters. Each academic year consists of two semesters – Fall and Spring; each semester comprises 19 weeks; hence, each academic year is scheduled for 38 weeks.

Individual workload allows less than 60 credits per year but no more than 75.

One ECTS equals 25 Credit hours, which includes contact hours (classes, seminars, practicals,s, etc.) as well as independent hours of work.

The programme consists of:

  • Mandatory courses – 346 (ECTS), among them:
  • Integrated Modules – 60 (ECTS)
  • Basic/Preclinical courses – 82 (ECTS)
  • Clinical courses – 173 (ECTS)
  • Clinical Internship – 14 (ECTS)
  • Scientific skills – 17 (ECTS)
  • Elective courses (14 ECTS)
MedicineMedical Doctor (MD)360 ECTS6 years, 12 semestersEnglish$6 000 USD

Register Now!!! and Begin Your Journey Towards Becoming a Certified Medical Doctor!

Representative email:

The documents required to obtain admission:

  • Copy of the passport;
  • School certificate (Equivalent to A level for Undergraduate Applicants / BA degree Diploma (for MA degree applicants) along with transcript;
  • Application fee payment receipt.
  • Video Interview (Ask us for details of this interview)
  • The student’s E-mail address and contact details

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