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Study in Georgia (Europe) | Specialties & Prices | Admission Guarantee

Study in Georgia: Everything you need to know about majors, prices and admission guarantee

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Study in Georgia

Why choose to study in Georgia?

  • Advanced Education System: The education system in Georgia has a good reputation and is universally recognized. Universities provide education at a high level in various disciplines.
  • Diversity of disciplines: Universities in Georgia offer a wide range of majors in different fields such as medicine, engineering, commerce, social sciences, arts, and others.
  • Low cost of living: Georgia is considered one of the most economical destinations to study in Europe. The cost of living in Georgia is lower compared to many other European countries.
  • Safe and friendly environment: Georgia is a safe and friendly environment for international students. Students have the freedom to move around and live in a convenient and comfortable environment.
  • Employment: After graduation, International students can look for job opportunities in Georgia or in other countries in Europe. Some universities provide internship and employment opportunities for international students.
  • Rich history and culture: Students can enjoy exploring Georgia’s unique historical heritage and culture. The country has many tourist attractions and historical sites that reflect its ancient history.
  • Admission Guarantee: Through accredited educational institutions in Georgia, You can get guaranteed admission to the university in an easy and easy way.

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, as we are the official Arab accredited to universities in Georgia. We will provide you with advice and assistance at every step of obtaining university admission, student visa, and accommodation. We guarantee you to save time, effort and money through our certified and specialized educational consulting services in Georgia.

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Majors available in English

University of Georgia

University of Georgia

Brief : The University of Georgia is one of the most important and largest private educational institutions, Georgia surpasses the rest of the universities with a huge investment budget estimated at about 23 million lari annually, which makes it in the lead, far superior to its competitors, as the second competitor does not exceed the barrier of 5 million lari, as well as its quality of education and the modernity of its hospitals and educational centers.

onAvailable ProgramsDuration of studyLanguage of studyAwarded degreeTuition fees
1Medicine6 YearsEnglishDoctor of Medicine6000 USD
2Dentistry5 Years EnglishDoctor of Medicine
5500 USD
3Pharmacy4 Years EnglishBachelor4500 USD
4Nursing4 Years EnglishBachelor3500 USD
5Computer Engineering4 Years EnglishBachelor4000 USD
6Information technology (IT)4 Years EnglishBachelor4000 USD
7Business Administration4 Years EnglishBachelor4000 USD
8English Philology 4 Years English Bachelor 3000 USD
9Education ManagementTwo yearsEnglishMaster3500 USD
10Information technology (IT) Two years English Master 4000 USD
11Business Administration Two years English Master 4000 USD
12International Law Two years English Master 4000 USD
List of majors at the University of Georgia

Ilia State University

Ilia State University in Tbilisi

on Available Programs DurationLanguage of studyAwarded degreeTuition fees
1Medicine6 Years English Doctor of Medicine 5900 USD
2Civil Engineering4 Years English Bachelor 3700 USD
3Electrical Engineering4 Years English Bachelor 3700 USD
4Electronic Engineering4 Years English Bachelor 3700 USD
5Computer Engineering4 Years English Bachelor 3700 USD
6 Tourism & Hospitality 4 Years English Bachelor 3000 USD
7Business Administration4 Years English Bachelor 3200 USD
8Natural resourcesTwo yearsEnglish Master3500 USD
9Applied GeneticsTwo years English Master3000 USD
10 Business Administration Two years English Master 3700 USD
11European Studies
Russian and Eurasian
Two years English Master 3000 USD
List of majors at Ilia State University

Georgia Technical University

Georgia Technical University

onAvailable ProgramsDuration of study Language of study Awarded degree Tuition fees
1Design4 YearsEnglishBachelor12500 Lari
2Biomedical Engineering4 YearsEnglishBachelor12500 Lari
3Mechanical Engineering4 YearsEnglishBachelor12500 Lari
4Computer Science4 YearsEnglishBachelor12500 Lari
5Business AdministrationTwo yearsEnglishMaster12500 Lari
6Biomedical EngineeringTwo yearsEnglishMaster12500 Lari
7DesignTwo yearsEnglishMaster12500 Lari
8Water EngineeringTwo yearsEnglishMaster12500 Lari
9Viticulture and Science
Two yearsEnglishMaster12500 Lari
10Agrotechnology Two yearsEnglishMaster12500 Lari
11 Information Technology
Nuclear Engineering
Two yearsEnglishMaster12500 Lari
12Biomedical Engineering 3 Years EnglishDoctor12500 Lari
List of available majors at Georgia Technical University

Caucasus International University

onAvailable SpecializationDurationStudy LanguageAwarded degreeTuition fees
1Medicine6 YearsEnglishDoctor of Medicine5500 USD
2Dentistry5 YearsEnglishDoctor of Medicine
4500 USD
3Business Administration4 YearsEnglishBachelor3500 USD
4International Marketing Two yearsEnglishMaster3500 USD
5Global Politics
and the study of security
Two yearsEnglishMaster3000 USD
Programs available at Caucasus International University

European University

onSpecializationDuration of studyLanguage of studyAwarded degreeTuition fees
1Medicine6 YearsEnglishDoctor of Medicine5500 USD
2Dentistry5 YearsEnglishDoctor of Dentistry4500 USD
Programs available at the European University

Caucasus University

onAvailable SpecializationDurationStudy LanguageAwarded degreeTuition fees
1Medicine6 YearsEnglishDoctor of Medicine6000 USD
2Information Technology4 YearsEnglishBachelor4500 USD
3Diplomacy and relations
4 YearsEnglishBachelor3500 USD
4psychology4 Years EnglishBachelor 3500 USD
5Economics4 Years EnglishBachelor 3000 USD
6Business Administration 4 Years English Bachelor 6100 EUR
7Hospitality Management 4 Years English Bachelor 5000 USD
8Cyber Security 4 Years English Bachelor 10000 USD
9Comparative Contract LawTwo years English Master5500 Lari
10management3 Years English Doctor3000 lari
11economy3 Years English Doctor 3000 lari
Programs available at Caucasus University

Georgia Aviation University

onAvailable SpecializationDurationStudy LanguageAwarded degreeTuition fees
1Aircraft Flight Exploitation (Pilot)4 YearsEnglishBachelor with
CPL-H certificate
2 Aircraft Flight Exploitation Two yearsEnglishCPL-H certificate30000 USD
3Aviation Department4 YearsEnglishBachelor3000 EUR
4Aeronautical EngineeringTwo yearsEnglishMaster3000 EUR
Majors available at Georgia Aviation University

Tbilisi Medical Academy

onAvailable SpecializationDurationLanguage of studyAwarded degreeTuition fees
1Medicine6 YearsEnglishDoctor of Medicine 7000 USD
Programs available at Tbilisi Medical Academy

Georgian American University

onAvailable SpecializationDurationLanguage of studyAwarded degreeTuition fees
1Medicine6 YearsEnglishDoctor of Medicine 4980 USD
2Business Administration4 YearsEnglishBachelor3800 USD
3Business AdministrationTwo yearsEnglishMaster5000 USD
Programs available at Georgian American University

Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University

onSpecializationDurationStudy LanguageAwarded degreeTuition fees
1Medicine6 YearsEnglishDoctor of Medicine 8000 USD
2Dentistry5 YearsEnglishDoctor of Dentistry8000 USD
3accounting4 YearsEnglishBachelor3000 USD
4accountingTwo yearsEnglishMaster3000 USD
5Department of Public HealthTwo yearsEnglishMaster3000 USD
Programs available at Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University

Black Sea International University

onProgramDurationStudy LanguageAwarded degreeTuition fees
1Architectural Engineering4 YearsEnglishBachelor3000 USD
2Computer Science4 YearsEnglishBachelor3000 USD
3Business Administration4 YearsEnglishBachelor3000 USD
4marketing4 YearsEnglishBachelor3000 USD
5Accounting4 YearsEnglishBachelor3000 USD
6management4 YearsEnglishBachelor3000 USD
7Finance4 YearsEnglishBachelor3000 USD
8Tourism4 YearsEnglishBachelor3000 USD
9economy4 YearsEnglishBachelor3000 USD
10English Philology4 YearsEnglishBachelor3000 USD
11American Studies4 YearsEnglishBachelor3000 USD
12International Relations4 YearsEnglishBachelor3000 USD
Specializations available at Black Sea International University

Advantages of studying in Georgia

Quality of education

Where Georgia has updated its educational curricula to match the conditions of European education.

Acceptable tuition fees

Tuition fees in Georgia are low compared to other countries such as Turkey and the rest of Europe

Direct University Admission

The student does not have to enter a preparatory year or take special exams for admission to most educational institutions in Georgia.

Freedom to choose a specialty

Since there is no GPA required in order to enter any major you desire, the prerequisite is that you have successfully completed your high school studies.

Start dates of study in Georgian universities

Classes for the fall semester usually begin on September 21, either for new students, their studies begin until after October.

Spring classes usually begin on March 14 of each year.

These dates are approximate and dates may vary from university to university.

Cons of studying in Georgia

  • Bureaucratic systems of some universities, especially public universities
  • Some universities do not care about the quality of education for foreign students, so the student or his guardian must consult an educational advisor in order to obtain advice before applying to any university.
  • The problem of residence for Syrians

Best University to Study Medicine in Georgia

We have chosen for you a group of the best Georgian universities to study medicine, which are recognized in the Arab world and internationally

Comparing Study in Georgia with Study in Ukraine

Students in Ukraine need to pass the ministerial croc exams in order to continue studying and obtain a certificate, while in Georgia a foreign student does not take such tests. Therefore, you find many students who have fallen into the trap of Ukrainian universities trying to transfer their files to Georgian universities.

Comparing Study in Georgia with Study in Turkey

Admission and study seats in medical colleges in Turkish universities are limited, as well as the requirements of the preparatory course for the Turkish language in order to complete the requirements of the university, as well as taking a breathing exam after that, so you find many students wasting several years in Turkey in order to enter medical colleges, but the case is different in Georgia The student is accepted in the specialty he desires before arriving in Georgia and can directly start his studies in any specialization.

Comparing Study in Georgia with Study in Turkish Cyprus

Quite simply: The degree in Turkish Cyprus is not recognized (because the state itself is not recognized and accepted by most countries) – so there is no comparison between Georgian universities and those of Cyprus!

The cost of housing and living in Tbilisi per student annually

The average housing and living in Georgia ranges between 5000 – 6000 dollars per year, and the price may vary according to the level of student disbursement.

Admission requirements to Georgian universities

  • High school diploma or equivalent for primary school
  • Passport copy
  • Personal photo
  • Online interview (we can share interviewer questions with you)

Study in Georgia in English without the need to provide a certificate of proficiency in English


Study programs in scientific and humanitarian disciplines(opens in a new browser tab)

Study Medicine at Caucasus International University(opens in a new browser tab)

Ranking of universities in Georgia

  • Ilia State University
  • Ilia State University
  • Georgia Technical University
  • University of Georgia
  • Caucasus University

Scholarships in Georgia

There are no scholarships for students in Georgia, study at own expense Maybe there are those who promote the existence of scholarships but in reality universities do not give scholarships at the moment!

Georgia Medical Acceptance Rate

Studying at private expense does not need certain acceptance rates, all universities are satisfied with the student’s usual passing grade.

The duration of the initial admission is one week – the final acceptance is 45 days maximum

British high school diploma holders

For students and graduates of the British High School, students are accepted to study in Georgia only with A level certificates with the completion of at least three subjects.

Equivalency and Quality Center Georgia Tbilisi

What is MBBS?

MBBS is an undergraduate, first professional degree in medicine & surgery.  MBBS courses are designed to train students in all fields of medicine.  

The courses include Human Anatomy, Human Physiology, Applied Medical Biochemistry, Applied Pharmacology, Human Pathology, Human Microbiology, Otolaryngology, Dermatology, Pediatrics, and even General Surgery. Although it varies between countries, an MBBS degree is typically completed in 4-6 years including an intern year with practical training.  In most countries, the student is required to complete the internship period before being awarded the degree in order to demonstrate sufficient expertise.  

Why Us?

When talking about study offices in Georgia, OrietCities LLC are proud to be the first and most prestigious expat company in the republic of Georgia, where our office was the only office in Georgia that provides a comprehensive guide to the State of Georgia and a guide to study, our company is characterized by a highly qualified and experienced team in the field of education and legal and advisory services for students, and our company is an official and legal representative of the best universities in Georgia.

Georgia University Admissions Services

  • Reserve a seat and ensure student admission
  • Translation and all ratifications into Georgian
  • Equivalency of academic certificate
  • Online visa application (requires an interview at the embassy)
  • Airport pick-up
  • Finding housing for the student
  • Study Residence Procedures in Georgia TRC

University Admission Requirements

All you need is to email us on WhatsApp and send the following documents:

  • A copy of the high school diploma
  • Passport copy
  • A recent personal photo
  • Your Email

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Email :

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The officially authorized representative for Georgia’s universities.

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