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Geography of Georgia and Its Wonders.

Georgia is surrounded by natural wonders, ranked 119th with the size of 69,700 km2. It’s located between the Black and the Caspian Sea, squeezed between Caucasus main and minor mountain ranges on Colchida lowlands and Lori Plateau. Its neighbors Russia in the north, Azerbaijan in the south-east, Armenia in the south, and Turkey in the south-west. 

The climate of Georgia is hugely determined and influenced by the Caucasus mountains and their rich water recourses. Here you can find approximately 26,060 rivers and 840 lakes. The main part of the country, mostly in the west, is covered in pleasant subtropical and continental areas, while the east is temperate. The yearly temperature in Georgia ranges between –8°C, -6°C in the mountains, +15°C to +25°C in subtropical areas, and occasionally +40°C in dry eastern areas in the summer. This climate allows Georgia to have the luxury of nearly year-round skiing resorts on the main Caucasus and of course seaside resorts on the coast of the Black Sea.

Notable locations.

Georgia has so many things to offer true nature lovers. Skiing lovers will not get enough of the Caucasus mountains and Gudauri resort. For hikers, our Country offers you beautiful forest areas like Sabaduri and Borjomi also mountains of Kazbegi, and the region of Svaneti for you to conquer with your friends. Want more nature? Check out UNESCO Heritage destinations close to Kutaisi – Natural Pearl of West Georgia. Want relaxation? Check out multiple seaside cities of Georgia, the main one Batumi – Las Vegas of Georgia. One thing’s for sure, here everyone finds something for them to enjoy.

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